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The exact specification of any equipment we source is a key consideration.  


Our "Bibby" vessel is a HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) reaction vessel. It boasts an external coil which makes it easy to clean between batches. The alternative is to have a coil inside. This, however, makes the clean-up process complicated, creates higher risk and is ultimately more expensive.  


Installed equipment of this kind will not be found in any independent company in Aberdeen, Dundee or the surrounding area (for example, GSK operate a large pharmaceutical plant in Montrose and their largest similar vessel is half the size of ours). It provides Stakam with the capabilities to perform the only reactive chemistry of its kind in the North East of Scotland.


Of course, size is only part of the story and it's critical to have robust systems in place to get the most out of our equipment and maintain a safe working environment.


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