The Team 

Stakam’s name was created to represent a strong family ethos. As such, the name includes Watson’s family members name initials.

This theme follows onto our team members. Every person is handpicked to fit a strong sense of togetherness and working towards a goal that benefits all. Each person’s different skill set, knowledge and unique quality is developed and incentivised to achieve overall job satisfaction whilst ensuring solid business growth.

Stakam is always on the lookout for likeminded people to join the team, do you think you have what it takes? Drop us your CV here.

Alistair Watson 

Managing Director

aka The Boss

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Jennifer Galligan

Research Chemist 

aka Chief Mad Scientist

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Charles Quin Junior

Operations Supervisor

aka Master Crafter

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David Muir  

Maintenance Engineer 

aka The Fixer

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Charles Quin Senior

QHSE Manager  

aka Safety Pro

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