We Craft Chemistry!

Stakam was established in 2016 to provide a chemical manufacturing plant free of production constraints. The company is based in the North East of Scotland and provides a domestic chemical supply chain option to UK-based companies. Stakam has a unique ability to craft its chemicals to client-specific requirements with the capacity to test production methods and scale-up to commercial volumes.

Stakam can adapt its plant to manufacture chemicals that have never been produced in the UK before and currently have to be imported from overseas. The company can perform a wide variety of chemical processes, ranging from neutralisation through to polymerisation, applying advanced technologies to improve processes and minimise waste.

We have set ourselves ambitious goals and are continuously improving our chemistry crafting skills. Our mission is to take craft chemistry to the world, helping local chemists establish their own craft chemical manufacturing plants. Stakam owes its success to its committed team, courage and drive.

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