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Carbo-STAK 1690

The Brief

Stakam was approached by a US-based company looking for a product that was suitable for use in hand gels. The client was interested in using an alkali swellable emulsion polymer; supplied in its acidic form as a thin, milky white fluid. Embracing their true flexibility, Stakam were ready to craft some chemistry. 

What Happened?


Stakam was quick to respond to the company’s request and worked with a technology company to create the product on a small scale. After 3 attempts in the laboratory, the chemists finally created something that appeared to be acceptable! The finished product was sent to a third-party lab for independent testing which resulted in a very positive outcome for Stakam.


When scaling up, Stakam encountered a process issue and the odorous chemical leaked. However, Stakams uniquely skilled workforce put in the hard work to overcome the issue. Stakam's polymer creation is not limited to hand sanitiser and in fact, can be used in anything where you want a viscosity in neutral to slightly alkaline.

The Result

The product was successfully made and the client was extremely pleased with the sample batch. The skill and devotion from Stakam gave the client the full confidence to progress and the final products were sent out.

Stakam's commitment to crafting chemicals paid off and they are the only company in Scotland to produce the polymer thickening agent. They have successfully altered their polymers to meet specific client needs and received enquiries from other companies to craft it for them.   

Ready for Stakam to craft your chemistry?

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