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Polymer Blending

The Brief

In March, Stakam was approached by a European polymer company who were looking for a UK manufacturer. They required assistance with the blending of multiple end-product formulations. The end products contained hydrophobically adjusted alkali swellable emulsion polymers and various surfactants. Luckily Stakam had the skill, knowledge and equipment to replicate this.

What Happened?


Stakam started on a small scale in the lab, replicating the and various blends. Once they were blended correctly, a series of performance tests were replicated to ensure the properties of the actual product matched those at Stakam’s location. 

Once the properties were approved by the company, the next stage was to improve the surfactant supply chain to make savings in the end product cost. This was achieved by using our 33 ton mixing vessel which allowed a large scale dilution to take place.

Once the client was happy the end product was manufactured on a large scale and sent out to their clients who operate in various sectors. 

The Result

Overall the client has been very pleased with the flexibility and reactiveness of Stakam. So much so that Stakam now store a vast majority of the company’s raw materials at their base location in Arbroath.

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Ready for Stakam to craft your chemistry?

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