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In House Case Study - Well Scale Inhibitor DISCOSCALE SI 7331

The Brief

Stakam wanted to develop a scale inhibitor that could be used in the oil & gas sector and water treatment market.  Historically sulphonated co-polymers have been used since the 1980s as scale inhibitors and used extensively in oil and gas due to their excellent control of Barium scale. Due to Stakam’s manufacturing location, Arbroath,  being in close proximity to Aberdeen, the Euopean Capital of the O&G industry, the decision was made to design and develop their own scale inhibitor Discoscale SI 7331.

IMG_7474 2.JPG

What Happened?


Stakam created their own manufacturing process allowing them to develop scale inhibitors. These scale inhibitors can be modified to the client’s requirements which includes further neutralisations, dilutions, blending in additional components or to make low chloride versions.  

If you do have any further questions please get in contact with a member of Stakam to discuss your requirements further.


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