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Waste Management 

The Brief

Stakam was approached by a local company that had farm waste and required a chemical to help clean the waste solution. They also highlighted that they required the product in liquid format and not powder as the powder could be too problematic to work with. 

What Happened?


Stakam got to work instantly in the lab, with the lead research chemist taking the reins. After the initial sample was dropped off by the client, Stakam tried an array of different liquid flocculants. 

The results are shown below. 

Further to this Stakam added an additional optional step of adding a surfactant to further clarify

The Result

The company were very pleased with the reactiveness of Stakam and the quick turn around. The next stage is for the company to test on a larger scale in the farm before scaling up even further. Over time the characteristics of waste change so the client requires ongoing technical support.

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