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Fluorescent Monomer

The Brief

Stakam was approached by a North American company to manufacture a fluorescent monomer. The technology has previously been manufactured however with the patent having expired, the company wanted to utilise the technology in their product offering and have an option of a European producer rather than a Chinese manufacturer.  The benefit of this technology is that the tracer monomer is covalently bonded to the polymer and therefore eliminates false readings when being tested in the field to confirm available polymer.

The Result

The company have been very impressed with Stakam’s capabilities and asked for Stakam to evaluate the potential of manufacturing the fluorescent polymer too.

What Happened?


The first part for stakam was to get the research done correctly. This project was one of the most technical projects that Stakam has undertaken due to the multi-stage organic chemistry required. 

The next step was to conduct lab trials to ensure the properties of the product and the organic process could all run smoothly. The results were communicated back to the company before proceeding to the next step.

The next stage was to use the pilot plant. The pilot plant allows for the 500kg-scale production system to be tested and validated before scaling up in the future to larger quantities. This ensures the technology performs as required and allows for alterations to be made during the initial stages. Stakam had to modify the operation of the pilot plant to ensure that the process could be adhered to.

The final stage will be for the company to test the product in-house before providing the green light to scale up and manufacture on a larger scale.

Ready for Stakam to craft your chemistry?

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