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Crafting a Superplasticiser

The Brief

In June 2019, Stakam was approached by a market leader in the supply of construction additives looking to source a super plasticiser to be used in concrete. The supplier required a responsive producer of the superplasticiser based in the UK, who could decrease not only lead times and cost. If successful, the client was willing to work with Stakam on future collaborations. 

What Happened?


After initial discussions, Stakam realised that their current location wasn’t suitable for the size and capabilities of the order. The equipment required for production would take up too much footprint. Therefore, Stakam moved to a larger facility to meet the clients demands. In October 2019, Stakam moved sites and commissioned a polymer plant suitable to craft the super plasticisers.


Initially, a small batch was crafted specifically trying to match the specification sent out by the client. In January 2020, when complete, the sample batch was sent to the client for analysis and the results were extremely positive. The client highlighted that Stakam’s product was better than their reference materials.

In February 2020, Stakam commissioned the polymer plant and scaled up the first batch of the super plasticiser. The client confirmed that it matched all specification indicated in the “slump testing” carried out by the client.

The Result

The client was extremely pleased with Stakam’s quick reaction to the customer needs and the support obtained to produce the specific super plasticiser.

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