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Crafting and Scaling De-icer Production


The Brief

Stakam was approached by LNT; an English company provider of innovative de-icing solutions to the aviation, rail, and facilities management industries. LNT have successful operations in Scotland, working closely with several international and domestic airports. As part of their strategic plan to blend and store close to point of use, LNT required a Scottish business to manufacture their runway de-icer. Luckily enough, a new chemical producer was ready to take on the challenge; STAKAM.

What Happened?


After initial discussion between Stakam and LNT, it was decided that Stakam would take control of the whole de-icer manufacturing process. Stakam developed a proposal to suite LNT’s exact requirements, giving them the flexibility to not only produce the De-icer on a small scale but the ability to scale up the quantity to multiple road tankers a day if required. Flexibility and adaptability being Stakam’s specialty made the whole process a lot easier.


The client was happy with the proposed plan and proceeded with the process. Although Stakam love crafting chemicals, there was little to do on the research and development side which permitted Stakam to invest their time into the manufacturing process..

The Result


LNT were very impressed with the scaled-up de-icer and Stakam produced approximately 2 tankers per month. The final solution was transported over Scotland to be used on runways and highways to improve performance and reduce costs. Additionally, Stakam now have an automated plant producing 3 different products for LNT. Overall, a very successful operation for both LNT and Stakam

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