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As we promised, introducing you to more of our capabilities and one of our favourites; The Pilot Plant.

The pilot plant allows for small-scale production system to be tested and validated before scaling up to larger quantities. This ensures the technology performs as required and allows for alterations to be made during the initial stages.

There are many benefits to testing in the pilot plant:

•There is the ability to alter the flow rates of the monomer feeds or initiator feeds

•Measure the reactor temperature and receive a full profile of the chemical reaction or polymerisation

•Take the pH in real-time

•Heat and cool the reaction

•Ability to blow nitrogen into the bottom for de-gassing

•So much more which you can ask our experts on!

The pilot plant was particularly useful for proof of concept when we were developing Hand Sanitiser 2015.

If you would like more information on how Stakam can help your business with proof of concept using our Pilot plant please contact Ali: or call us on 07522 492 154.


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