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Scaling up Palmsafe Base Hand Gel


The Brief

This year Stakam was approached by Palmsafe to assist with the manufacturing and scale-up of their newly developed scented hand sanitisers.

Palmsafe has developed a hand gel that not only is soft on the skin but also provides a scent of choice, making it a great alternative to the batch made industrial harsh hand sanitisers. The goal of the client was to improve and increase their current method of production to fulfil the increasing demand required from the hand sanitisers. In the current climate supporting local businesses, Stakam took on the challenge to help Palm Safe and scaled-up their manufacturing process 100 fold.

What Happened?


Palmsafe was manufacturing the hand gel manually, allowing only small batches of approximately 5L to be produced. The initial stage of making hand sanitiser manually can be quite laborious. It involves using high shear to dissolve the polymer into the alcohol base - in Palmsafe’s case, Isopropyl. The process thereafter of colouring, scenting and the bottle is a little less strenuous.


To speed up the initial stages, Stakam came to help by manufacturing the initial base gel at their facility then sending it up to Aberdeen for the final blending stages. This allowed Palm Safe to increase its production to half-ton batches.

The Result

Palmsafe was happy with the manufacturing of the base gel at Stakam’s facility. They now hope to meet demand and increase their monthly orders to 10,000 with the help of Stakam. Overall, this has allowed them to support another local business and further assist the market during the pandemic.

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